PCC Management


PPC Management – Website Promotion

A lot goes into an effective PPC campaign. We know, because we’ve been getting results for our clients for years. In addition to providing great SEO services, we offer topnotch pay-per-click management services. Pay-per-click, or PPC, management services enhance internet marketing campaigns. When put together, SEO and PPC management services can produce amazing results.

Spot-On PPC Campaign Management Saves You Money:

It’s easy for the cost of a pay-per-click campaign to spiral out of control – it happens all the time. We offer exceptional PPC management services that can shave hundreds of dollars off of your monthly bills. Better yet, these campaigns will produce better results for you. In the end, you could pay less money for more noticeable and effective results. This is yet another way in which we save you time, money and hassle. Our clients appreciate all of the ways in which we go the extra mile for them; you will, too.

You can purchase in increments of $500. This price includes the cost of the campaign and its management fee as well.

Ad-words Case Studies From Google…

All too often, companies sign up for PPC advertising without really knowing how it works.

PPC is a great way to promote your site; when done correctly, it can draw a lot of relevant traffic to it.

Learning the ins and outs of pay-per-click programs can be tricky, though. After signing up, many firms get in over their heads and after a while, they end up canceling altogether. That doesn’t have to happen – we know PPC and we can make it work for you. We understand that PPC goes hand in hand with good Arizona internet marketing.

As a result, we strive to provide the best pay per click management services around. Our PPC services include many key features. A few of the best ones are:

  • Instant Results – We take the reins of your pay-per-click campaigns and make strategic changes. Those changes produce quick results that you’re sure to notice and love.
  • Google PPC Management – Google AdWords is the most popular PPC program around, since it’s so effective. Many companies rely on it, though, so making the most of it can be tricky. If you’re targeting popular keywords, the challenge is even greater. Don’t worry, though – we know how to get phenomenal results with Google AdWords™.
  • Telephone Tracking – More and more people are making live calls using the internet. We can help you merge your PPC campaign with Internet-generated phone calls. That way, you can see which of your pay-per-click keywords are producing calls for you.
  • Budget Consulting – It’s easy for the cost of a pay-per-click campaign to spiral out of control, but we know how to plan and enforce a budget that still generates amazing results for you.