About Us


Founded in 2006, Dynamic Search is an industry-leading search engine optimization company located in Phoenix, Arizona. We focus on helping our clients reach local customers through effective, dependable online marketing strategies.

Our clients range from large corporations to small startups. We are dedicated to achieving our customer’s goals by working hard putting our vast experience to work for our clients every single day.

We Drive Results!

Actual results from a car repair company located in Orlando, FL. In less than three months they are capturing most of the leads on the first page. Go ahead and Google it now to verify this information. With just one job consisting of transmission repair, Howard covered all his campaign costs.

A message from our founder:
Hi, my name is Asher Elran – practical software engineer and a marketing specialist. I’m the co-founder of Dynamic Search, LLC. As a business owner, I know what businesses need not only to survive, but also to make money and enable growth. I honestly believe that most small businesses never achieve their true potential because they rely on the wrong marketing strategy or on no marketing strategy at all.

Today, online marketing should be at the forefront of every business’s marketing campaign, because without it, the business is most likely losing costumers.

What makes Dynamic Search different from other SEO companies?

  • Conversion focused. We focus not just on rankings and traffic, but on driving new paying customers to your business.
  • Experience. Our founder has over 9 years of marketing and business experience.
  • Expertise. Dynamic Search is managed and operated by professionals who truly understand how to achieve marketing success.
  • Ethical. We follow strict ethical, white hat guidelines.
  • Educational. We believe in reaching customers through an educational, informative approach, not just solicitation.

Some statistics:
According to a recent report from e-Marketer, web marketing growth will jump from 17.7% to 20.3% in the next few years. Overall, U.S. spending on search engine marketing will nearly double from $12.2 billion in 2008 to $23.4 billion in 2013.