New Top Tweet Options Create a More Robust Twitter


It’s interesting to see how Twitter is changing and evolving. To get the most out of your experience with the popular social networking site, it pays to stay on top of emerging trends. A recent update is streamlining the way in which “top tweets” appear. In the past, these tweets came in on a first-come, first-serve basis. Relevancy is now a top priority, so you can expect to see more usable results.

Images and Video

There’s more to the new change than relevancy. Under the new changes, videos and images get separate streams. You can see whether any interesting video or image results are available in a single glance. When you share images and videos, you can use SEO to increase the odds that they appear on people’s “top tweets” feeds.

A More Robust Experience

It is clear that Twitter is embracing SEO in a major way. The social media site is realizing that people expect relevancy. Google continues to color everyone’s online experiences, and it is showing on Twitter. You can make the most of these tweaks by embracing SEO on Twitter yourself. Apply your best SEO techniques to your Twitter experience, and you can’t go wrong.